Frequently Asked Questions

Create Your Will & Donate to Charity

What can you donate to a charity in your will?

When it comes to donating to charity in your will there are many ways in which you can leave assets to them no matter how big or small. This can be in the form of:

  • Financial assets - such as cash, stocks, and bonds
  • Property - such as your house or a building
  • Personal items - such as cars, jewellery, or artwork

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Why donate to a charity in your will?

There are so many positive reasons why you should leave a planned donation to a charity in your will. These include:

  • You are able to give back to a cause you care about
  • It doesn’t cost you a penny now
  • It can help reduce your inheritance tax 
  • You leave a legacy that outlasts your lifetime so you can continue making a difference even after your gone

What are the best charities to donate to?

We think that all charities are equal but the answer to which one is the best will be dependant on what causes are personal and important to you.

If you don’t already have a favourite cause or you are unsure about which charity to leave a gift to in your will if you are unsure about which one to choose, you can use the below points:

Which causes matter to you?

Has a charity made a difference to you or someone you care about?

What does the charity support?

This can include helping the environment, education, health, social justice, or arts and culture.

How transparent is the charity with its activities when using donated funds? 

It is always worth doing some research about the charity and looking at how funds are spent to help those in need.

Updating an existing will to include a donation to charity

If you’ve already made a will but want to include a gift to a charity you can easily do this with little hassle. The simplest and quickest way to do this is to write a new will using a reputable firm such as Charity Wills.

Any previous wills you have created will become void and your latest version that includes your chosen charity will be used should you pass away.